Checklist of Alternative Places To Visit In NYC


Times Square, Central Park, Fifth Avenue. All great tourist attractions but what about exploring other alternative and hipster things in New York City? Then head to some of the most unusual places by the hand of this guide.

Let go of your inhibitions. Many has been written about the typical tourist spots, the ones that goes under the skin of the city and brings you its most interesting sights.

The Plaza – Tea Bistro

The renovated Courtyard, a New York institution at New York’s most emblematic hotel, The Plaza, is the best place for a decadent tea and a dose of opulence. Have a cocktail, a premium luxury Grand Cuve tea and their fabulous scones, lemon curd and pastries. If you are looking for more affordable places to eat in the city, head out to Tales from a Fork.

Tenement Museum

Located by the Williamsburg Bridge, the Tenement Museum provides an insight into the lives of the immigrants who arrived in the US in the 19th Century. New York was founded by all the immigrants who came from Europe at the time and who made the city what it is today. The Tenement Museum will give you a good insight into what went on in the city at the time. A variety of tours are on offer including some of the shops in the area.

Chelsea Market

If you are an art lover or connoisseur, you can join an expert and private behind-the-scenes tour of the art galleries in Chelsea, one of this district’s most relevant contribution, by the hands of the curators and art experts from Context Travel. I am a huge fan of their tours and have taken a few across the world, from the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel to Tokyo’s Asakusa. They have the best docents and experts, especially on things like art and architecture.

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