Top 5 Restaurants For Business Dinning In Chicago


Are you looking to impress your next business partner? Then you have to organize a special meeting in a fancy, sophisticated atmosphere. What about dining at an elegant restaurant, in a relaxed atmosphere?

What about enjoying a spectacular meal and a glass of wine? Finding the perfect location may be stressful when you have an important business meeting. That is why we’ve gathered the five best business dining restaurant in Chicago in the list below.

Vivere – Italian Cuisine

Enjoy the sophisticated Italian cuisine in a whimsical atmosphere at Vivere, a family restaurant known as the oldest Italian restaurant in the Windy City. The traditional Italian values are combined in a symphony of tastes thanks to creative chefs that are not afraid to test new ideas. If you want to make a good impression to your business partner, then come here as you can choose an elegant wine from a collection that gathers wines from all over the world. The desserts are also fabulous.

The Village – Luxurious Atmosphere

We remain in the Italian family, and the next on the list is this charming restaurant that offers you an exceptional culinary experience. Set in a luxurious atmosphere, the restaurant still keeps its Italian pillars. What makes this place perfect for a business meeting is the private booths where you can have an intimate talk over a delicious fine meal. You can enjoy a glass of wine, in a private atmosphere.

Tru – A Culinary Adventure

The restaurant itself is a piece of art, regarding both design and the dining experience. Every plate is a piece of art, inspired by the French cuisine and by the creativity of Anthony Martin, the Chef. What makes this restaurant perfect for a business meeting? Well, you can enjoy a sophisticated, unique meal along with a glass of refined wine. Dining here is a real culinary adventure, in an elegant and relaxed ambiance. If you plan your next business meeting here, remember that you should respect the dress code. You will certainly make a good impression if you choose this restaurant.

Rosebud – By Alex Dana

Here you will taste the best red sauce in Chicago. “There is no time to hesitate if you want to succeed” as the founder of this iconic restaurant, Alex Dana, says so don’t wait and organize your next business meeting at Rosebud to enjoy high quality and creative dishes that combine Italian and American tastes in a charming atmosphere.

Parachute – Original Plates

One of the most critically-acclaimed and original restaurants in Chicago. If diners can snag one of the highly-sought tables in the funky mom-and-pop restaurant from a former “Top Chef,” the bing bread that’s like a Korean take on baked potato with sour cream bread or the pork belly and mung bean pancake are staples.

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